The capabilities I have demonstrated through my work in New Media Lab

I can write well-developed articles for the general audience. I am able to make the article an intriguing piece and attract audiences from outside of the topic as well. I am capable of controlling my voice and style to write in both opinion and objective journalistic styles. I can also use narrative writing to tell an engaging story. I can generate interesting and relevant writing ideas and target an audience bringing relevant and current information on the topic. My research is done well using credible sources only and have been confirmed by the fact-checking team.

I can use a variety of online tools such as email, online word processors, social media, search engines and content management systems to communicate, research, write, and publish my work using online conventions such as hyperlinking to sources. I can embed media to publish multimedia articles. I can find and select images that convey the topic and tone of my writing in a way that understands and respects copyright and fair use.

I can act as a leader in the classroom, assisting my classmates and helping direct our collective project. I can use my understanding of the English language, written nonfiction genres and the needs of the audience to help develop and polish other writer’s work. I can understand the needs of the brand and help maintain the integrity of our publishing project.

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